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We would like to say a few words about Professional Claims Link and their President, Kathy Barnes. If you have an Ob/Gyn practice in town you absolutely need her services. PCL has done more for our productivity and receipts then anything else. PCL increased our income by well over 17% as compared to our inhouse billing. It's hard to argue with increasing your productivity by over 17%. PCL and Kathy go after "every available dime" for your practice, whether it's from the insurance companies or outstanding patient balances. We have known and worked with Kathy and PCL for nine years and have always known her to be personable, strong and intelligent. PCL represents us with the aggressiveness needed while always maintaining the utmost professionalism. We have never received a single complaint about PCL from any of our patients. Hiring PCL was the best business decision we made in regards to our medical billing. In case you haven't noticed, my wife and I are her biggest fans.

— David Derbabian M.D./Michelle A. McLanahan, M.D.

PCL has been providing medical billing services for this practice for 21 years.