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Professional Claims Link provides outstanding medical billing services to manage your practice's accounts receivables. Our staff works hard to ensure that your doctors receive every penny they are due. We don't want you to leave money on the table due to incorrectly filed healthcare claims or unbilled patient balances. You can feel confident that your claims and billings are being handled with your physicians' best interest as PCL's top priority. If your medical practice is having problems with inflated accounts receivables, give us a call today to speak directly with a medical billings specialist.

Over a decade of experience in combining the best business practices with the latest in medical billing technology has led to a superior approach to managing patient scheduling, verification of benefits, healthcare insurance claims filing, coverage exclusions and patient collections. Please continue to browse our website and visit the category pages listed below to learn more about PCL's medical billing services:

  • Insurance Billing
  • Insurance Receivables
  • Patient Collections
  • Staff Training
  • Verification of Benefits

It doesn't matter if your practice is well-established or just getting started. Installing the correct medical billing practices and healthcare claims procedures is imperative to timely collections for your services. We never "cream the top" by doing the bare minimum and writing off all your problematic claims. Our staff of medical billing specialists are dedicated to making certain that every claim that is payable, gets paid.

It's time to stop writing off collectable accounts just because you don't have the time or staff to fight the good fight with the insurance companies. Our medical billing specialists have over a decade of experience in applying the best procedures and utilizing the latest medical billing software which has given us an edge in managing the processes that lead to timely collections. Most of our clients receive payments within seven to ten days and their greater than thirty day aging is usually less than 4/10ths of one percent of the amount billed in a given month. The bottom line at Professional Claims Link: "If you don't get paid, neither do we!"