Insurance Billing & Coding

Insurance Billing & Coding

PCL is a national medical billing company that is focused on providing the highest quality of billing services and medical insurance claims management including filing, follow-up and collection of monies due to your practice. We strive to send all medical claims out clean on the front end and follow-up on exceptions with healthcare insurance carriers and patients. Most medical billing companies try to profit by a high client to employee ratio and merely play a numbers game. This often leads to the medical billing company "creaming the top" by blindly inputting claims and either writing off problematic claims or allowing the physician's accounts receivable to become inflated.

At Professional Claims Link, we have a low client/employee ratio in order to best serve our physician practices. Look at some of the advantages of having PCL manage your insurance billing and collections:

  • Filing Medical Insurance Claims
  • Insurance Company Claims Follow-Up
  • Medical Specialties Billings
  • Electronic Medical Claims Filings
  • Electronically Remitted Patient Statements
  • Explanation of Benefits Review
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (Explanation of Benefits)
  • Correct Medical Coding
  • Timely Medical Claims Processing
  • Electronic Payor Processing & Direct Deposits
  • Collection Agency Referral

We understand the value of getting it right on the front end of medical billing and healthcare claims processing, so you never have an inflated A/R. Our years of experience working in Florida with medical practices, healthcare insurance providers and patients have helped us to establish the best processes and procedures for ensuring each medical practice we serve gets paid appropriately for the services they render.

Unlike most medical offices, at Professional Claims Link, our staff is dedicated to exceptional medical billing. We review and follow up at each phase of the medical billing process, and never feel the need to prematurely consider a "write-off" of what should have been a healthy claim. At PCL, medical billing is what we do. We don't have to split our time between in-office patients, phone calls and billing. We also provide monthly reporting and train the physician's staff how to use this essential information for managing the financial aspects of their practice. Instituting electronic medical records software won't solve your medical billing problems if your staff lacks the training and time to fully utilize the technology.

Let PCL Handle your Medical Specialty Billing

Professional Claims Link understands the nuances of medical specialty billings and insurance specific claims filings. Our expertise includes medical billing for Obstetrics & Gynecology practices, urology, general surgery, surgical claim billings, surgical oncology medical billings and many other surgical specialties. We also understand the intricacies of Medicaid billings, Medicare billings, Aetna healthcare insurance claims, United Healthcare billings, Humana insurance billings, Blue Cross/Blue Shield billings and Cigna healthcare claims. If your practice has a medical billing problem, please continue to browse our website to learn more about the advantages in choosing PCL. You can see hundreds of patients every month but, if the medical billing process is inefficient or done incorrectly, chances are you will not get paid for all your time and effort.