Insurance Receivables Auditing

Insurance Receivables Auditing

We've made insurance receivables auditing a simple process. Our account representative will find out what went wrong. If the insurance claim is still within the collectable timeframe, we will "Fix It, Bill It and Collect It" for your medical practice. Sometimes, the accounts receivable problem is as simple as incorrect patient demographic information or a wrong diagnosis or procedure code. Other problematic insurance claims receivables may require an intense review of the paperwork involved with the filing. At Professional Claims Link, we are determined to ensure that every payable claim in your A/R gets paid.

Don't waste money by missing the opportunity to fully collect your contractual payment for your medical practice's accounts receivables. Some doctors have a false belief that aged insurance receivables provide their practice with a certain amount of financial security. We believe nothing could be farther from the truth. Any professional practice that has an accounts receivable greater than eight weeks' charges should have a healthcare insurance receivables audit. If you fall in this category, you may find that you are leaving claim payments uncollected and the physician's money on the table. It is much easier to run a medical healthcare practice when all the money due is being timely collected. At Professional Claims Link, we want your doctors and medical staff to focus on your patients. PCL can review your aged A/R and collect the money that you have already earned.

Reduce Your Inflated Accounts Receivables

One medical practice with monthly insurance and patient billings at around $300,000 came to PCL with an inflated accounts receivable of $1.5 million. Once PCL began doing the medical billing, the accounts receivable never went over that one month A/R of $300,000, and generally stays at half that amount. Their money is coming in almost as fast as they can see patients! Over the past decade of providing leading edge solutions for collecting the medical A/R, PCL has built a reputation for reducing a physician's accounts receivables to lower than one month's billings. We thoroughly review each insurance receivable in your A/R to determine:

  • Improperly Billed Insurance Claims
  • Improperly Paid Insurance Claims
  • Uncollectable Debt Adjustments
  • Collectable Insurance Aging
  • Improper Insurance Claims Denials
  • Necessary Claims Appeals
  • Responsible Party on Outstanding Balances

Insurance claim denials are inevitable, but it isn't necessary to keep them on the books. Instead they must be worked in order to obtain payment. Let PCL review your outstanding receivables and let us get the payment in the door and off the books. PCL will never leave your doctor's uncollected monies unpaid because of failed paperwork and insufficient management of your A/R. We always manage your medical receivables in your physicians' best interest.

We follow strict guidelines to insure that your doctors receive payment for every penny they are entitled. When auditing your medical accounts receivables, Professional Claims Link can quickly identify many of the causes for failed payments. Collecting old insurance claims requires a timely review of the insurance claims denial and the proper corrective actions to ensure your unpaid A/R doesn't become an uncollectable receivable. PCL will use all technology available to respond in a timely manner to get any billing issues resolved and your receivables paid as contracted. All denials for services that should have been paid will be aggressively worked and collected.