Medical Insurance Billing

Medical Insurance Billing

In the state of Florida, medical billing can be significantly more complex than in other states, considering its healthcare statistics and ever-changing Medicaid and Medicare policies and procedures. Florida ranks high among other states in rates of obesity, diabetes and cumulative AIDS cases and high percentages of these patients are uninsured or underinsured. This creates an enormous challenge for medical billing in Florida, which is exactly why it is absolutely necessary to use a professional medical billing company for your billing needs.

A Florida physician's time and expertise is increasingly in demand; and the best physicians have a heart for providing the most thorough care for their patients. As a result, many physicians let the financial health of their own practices falter. That's why Professional Claims Link is just what the financial doctor ordered, so to speak, to improve your medical billing process' effectiveness. We offer a low client/employee ratio, allowing a higher level of quality and personal attention. And our employees are highly specialized and continually educated on all the latest Florida medical billing issues.

PCL's comprehensive services include:

  • National Billing Services
  • Filing Medical Insurance Claims
  • Insurance Company Claims Follow-Up
  • Medical Specialties Billings
  • Electronic Medical Claims Filings
  • Electronically Remitted Patient Statements
  • Explanation of Benefits Review
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (Explanation of Benefits)
  • Correct Medical Coding
  • Timely Medical Claims Processing
  • Electronic Payor Processing & Direct Deposits
  • Collection Agency Referral

Having PCL handle your practice's medical billing, whether in Florida or any other state, allows you to focus on better treating existing patients and bringing in new patients, all while improving your practice's bottom line. PCL's Florida medical billing clients enjoy a seven-to-10 day turnaround in receiving insurance claim payments and generally have accounts receivables of less than a month's billing - almost unheard of in Florida or national medical billing, but a regularly realized goal among PCL clients. Call us today to learn how we can help your medical practice!