Medical Practice Management Consulting

Medical Practice Management Consulting

In recent years, the medical service industry has become, by far, a much more challenging circle in which to earn a living. At PCL we can help you in all aspects of your medical practice. If you are just coming out of a medical residency or fellowship and want to hang that “shingle,” or if you have decided the practice you are in now just isn’t working out and you want a new start with your own medical practice, or if you have an existing practice that just isn’t functioning the way you had envisioned, PCL can help.

Timing is the most important part in creating a new and successful medical practice. At PCL we understand the importance of timing all of the pieces necessary to get up and running quickly. From the selection of the office space, hiring and training of office staff, selecting an appropriate practice management software system, contracting and credentialing, to billing and coding, PCL can help and oversee that this process is timed correctly to save money, increase efficiency and begin a successful medical practice.

At PCL we also understand that sometimes a medical practice can simply get behind the times and or profits start dropping or become nonexistent. Upon hiring PCL we can come in and review your medical practice from an objective and experienced point of view. We have been in business for over 20 years and have helped many medical practices become profitable again.

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