Medical Practice Staff Training

Medical Practice Staff Training

At Professional Claims Link, we develop a relationship with the office staff in order to become an extension of the practice. At PCL we represent your office and will work hard to make your staff feel comfortable with this representation. We are all on the same side and we want to make sure no member of your staff feels threatened by our position.

We will train your staff on many aspects of the business in order to affect a positive relationship. Your staff, including the physicians, will be trained on the software that PCL provides in order to efficiently use the appointment scheduler, reporting module, recall functions and electronic superbills. We will train the staff to understand what we need from them in order to get claims out "clean" and to optimize the collection process. We will work with them to make sure the information is being obtained and how to electronically transmit this data to us. As PCL strives to be efficient and effective in the medical billing process we will train the staff on how to get documentation to us timely and paperless.

It is important to us to make sure you are operating efficiently. To this end, we will work with you to ensure that you are making all of the best technological decisions for your practice. We can train your physicians to code patient encounters properly and how to use handheld devices or laptops to send paperless superbills to our office for timely medical claim review and filing. At PCL, we cover the entire process and are ready to train your physicians and staff to make this the best experience possible and to keep the work flowing and the money coming in the door.

There is another option, should you decide PCL is not the right fit for your office. At PCL, we can train your staff to do everything we do, and barring staff turnover, can help you have successful insurance and patient collections. A well-trained and knowledgeable medical billings staff can expedite your collections and keep your A/R at manageable limits. Just contact us and we can further discuss with you if this is an option for your office.

Staying up to date on all of the latest industry changes requires a commitment of dedicated medical billing personnel. PCL has over a decade of experience in electronic medical billing. To speak directly with a PCL representative, give us a call today.