Patient Collections

Patient Collections

At PCL, the medical billing doesn't end with the insurance payment. Once an insurance claim has been adjudicated, any remaining patient responsibility is timely billed to the patient. PCL sends bulk patient statements for outstanding patient balances on no less than a monthly basis and sends as needed patient statements daily. We also have the ability to bill patients with interest, calculated at the rate you desire, once the patient becomes over 30 days past due.

The patient is given multiple ways in which to make payments for their balance due. Payments can be made by mail, as the patient statement contains a place for credit card information or they can send a check.  And, of course, once the patient is in your office you will be able to view the balance due and collect it from your office.

Professional Claims Link has always recognized the need for prompt, accurate medical billing when dealing with your practice's patients. Some of the timely steps we take include:

  • Insurance and patient payment posting
  • Monthly and as needed patient statements
  • Multiple patient payment options
  • Formal repayment plan processing
  • Patient balance dispute resolution
  • Pre-collection review
  • Collection agency referral and monitoring

You deserve to be paid for the medical services provided at your practice. PCL's staff works as an extension of your office and gives your patients every reasonable opportunity to make timely payments. We work with the patient on formal repayment agreements and resolution of disputes with their outstanding balance. Unfortunately there are still patients that just won't pay. If a patient shows no effort or intent to pay their balance within a prescribed period of time we will contact them during our pre-collection review phase with a phone call. We will very politely advise them of their balance due and ascertain their intentions. In most cases, if a patient balance is over 4 months delinquent we will find no intent to pay and in many cases will be unable to reach the patient at all. At this point we will do an in depth review of the patient account to determine our next step.

At PCL, we have developed a relationship with several collection agencies in Florida, and nationwide, that specialize in medical patient collections. They are never rude or degrading to your patients, but will locate those we couldn't find and attempt to collect their debt. The medical billing patient accounts will be listed with the credit bureaus so that if the patient attempts to make a purchase requiring credit history they will be required to pay your debt off first. Remember, it is your money for services rendered and it is our job to get it for you. We will handle all communications with the collection agency and update those patients that pay their balances.

Please remember that in most industries services rendered under any circumstances are paid when provided. Unfortunately, physician contracts may preclude them from collecting on the date services are rendered, or your staff may not be aware of what to charge, or simply be unwilling to ask for the copay, deductible or coinsurance. At PCL, we have seen all of the ways in which patients try to avoid paying their required copay, coinsurance or deductible when they are in the office. That is why we work hard to get the money to collect after they leave the office. Put your trust in PCL and you will see your patient collections increase as we work hard to bring in your money.