U-LITE (By Sonoscanner)

U-LITE By Sonoscanner

The ultra-portable HD Ultrasound Unit

The Future of Point of Care Diagnostic Imaging in the Palm of your Hand.

"2016 Winner of the European Handheld Ultrasound Equipment New Product Innovation Award"


Ultra-Portable Ergonomic Design

The optimal size of the U-Lite is the best answer for the following specifications, as defined by the daily needs of medical practitioners:

  • Fits into the pocket of a white coat
  • Has the largest HD screen possible
  • Able to use with one finger

U-lite fits in your pocket, and in your hand. Completely intuitive interfacing, multi-touch screen: sharp, clear imaging at first glance.
No longer do you need years of experience, nor the ability to fly an airplane, to master this simple ultrasound device.


Ultra-Portable HD Imaging

Multiple Transducers to cover all specialties:

Optimal Image Quality

U-Lite incorporates all the functionalities of a complete ultrasound device

In all modes of use:

  • Holographic Focus
  • Color Doppler
  • PW Doppler
  • Harmonic imaging
  • Composite imaging

Power & Speed & Comfort

Thanks to the exclusive architecture of 1200 interconnected cores on four levels, the U-Lite offers above-standard reactivity.

  • 10 second start-up time
  • multi-touch capacitive flat-screen
  • up to 18mhz on certain probes
  • adaptable rotating interface
  • Stores over 10,000 images on the device
  • 7” HD display
  • Propietary software makes the device secure and compliant
  • Secure cloud for additional storage and remote access
  • WIFI enabled
  • Allows for HDMI connection to HDMI device for larger viewing
  • ECO friendly pulling less energy and less heat output
  • Blue Tooth Enabled

Protocolled Applications

There is a U-Lite for each specialty. A specific application using a clear, precise and standardized exam protocol for each exam type.

Diagnostic Power

All Doppler modes.
Multi-frequency electronic probes with high-density elements.


Created with the latest numeric technologies, U-Lite is the first ultraportable HD ultrasound unit in the world. Its eco-conception brings you the lowest energy consumption level of the market without loss of resolution.

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